Work Has Started 6th February 2023

Work has started on building the new Leisure Centre on Sharley Park Clay Cross.

Fencing going up to start work

The Leisure Centre will be built on the site of the old Centre on Sharley Park off Market Street Clay Cross. It will replace the out dated facilities. The old Swimming Pool that was built in 1973 and the later added was the sports hall in the early 1980s.

Building in 1973

Clay Cross had a swimming pool before 1973 that was situated near to the them Miners Welfare.

Site of the Swimming Pool Clay Cross before 1973

Whilst building is going on the swimming pool will open but the sports hall will be closed.

The new building will have the future of climate change taken into consideration with Solar panels for power and a new heat pump heating system.

Clay Cross Today will continue to show pictures throughout the build.