Clay Cross once had a public house every few yards.

Just some of the pubs of Clay Cross. Most of them have now gone, some completely demolished. Few are still open but like all other pubs throughout the country they are finding it hard to carry on.

The Covid Virus in 2020 made it even harder for them to go on. Lets hope to see some of them open again soon.

The Six Halts

(Most recent pub in Clay Cross)

The Six Halts is the most recent Public House in Clay Cross. Situated just off the A61 main thoroughfare in Clay Cross 

The Six Halts name refers to the narrow gauge railway (Ashover Light Railway) built and opened in 1924 for The Clay Cross Company. It ran from Clay Cross to Ashover Butts and had thirteen stops and Six halts.

The George & Dragon (Oldest)

The George And Dragon Clay Cross is the oldest public house in the town. Built on the crossroads that give the town its name.

The George And Dragon Clay Cross

Lets have a look down Market Street

The Gardeners Inn

The Gardeners at the top Market Street Clay Cross

The Gardeners Inn

The Old English Inn

The Old English Inn is just down Market Street from the Gardeners on the corner of Bridge Street. The pub changed its name in 1988 from the Furnace Inn


The Last Orders

The Last Orders is the next pub down Market Street Clay Cross. In the past it called the New Inn.


The Nags Head

A few steps down the road is the Nags Head

The Nags Head

The Three Horseshoes

Standing next door to the Nags Head we have the Three Horseshoes. The name of this pub was changed a few times (3Bar) and then returned to its original name the Three Horseshoes.

The Three Horshoes Clay Cross

Royal Volunteer

The Royal Volunteer is across from the Fire Station on Market Street

The Royal Volunteer

Sharley Park

This was once a pub in the leisure centre. Now closed and made into a gym

Once a pub in Sharley Park

The Coronation Working Mens Club

The Coronation Working Mens Club Clay Cross is just off Market Street on Stollard Street. The corner of the street stood Egstow Post Office.

Coronation Working Mens Club

Rykneld Turnpike (Egstow WMC)

This pub stand on John Street

Egstow WMC Now Rykneld Turnpike

Pubs On High Street

North East Derbyshire Snooker Centre

The Snooker Centre stand across from the Six Halts. Once called the Hotspot in the early 1970. Before that it was used as Clay Cross Social Centre. In WWII it was a war a P O W Camp, Clay Cross Drill Hall

Snooker Centre
The Snooker Centre Clay Cross (Closed 2021)

The Crown

The crown stood on High Street nets to the carpet shop (T Nutt &Son) Clay Cross. The crown was demolished in the late sixties.

The Crown

The Star

Another pub that was demolished in the early 1970s The star was at the top of Holmgate Hill across from what was once Clay Cross Post Office

The Star Clay Cross
The Star Clay Cross

Black Horse Eyre Street

This was once a pub on Eyre Street Clay Cross it closed in 1907. It was the a Workings Mens Club. A plaque was still visible until the wall was rendered some years ago.

The Red Lion

The Red Lion Clay Cross (Now Closed)

The Elm Tree Inn

The Elm Tree closed its doors for the last time in 2013. It was converted into residential in 2019.

The Elm Tree (Now Closed)

Victoria Hotel

The Victoria Hotel was closed many years ago. The building has since been a doctors surgery and Clay Cross Council Offices

Victoria Buildings (Now Closed)

The Shoulder Of Mutton

The Shoulder Of Mutton

The Angel

The Angel stood across from the Shoulder Of Mutton near to the crossroads (Traffic Lights) It was demolished in the late sixties. Bungalows was built on the land in 1971

The Angel

Charlies Bar

Charlies Bar is the first pub on Thanet Street. Was called the Canon in the 1980s and before that it was the Kings Head. It was known then as the Clay Cross circus due to the acts on the small stage in the corner.

Charlies Bar (Now Closed)

The Prince Of Wales

The Prince Of Wales (Now Closed)

The Queens Head

The Queens Head is on Thanet street Clay Cross now called the Oriental Pearl.

The Queens Head (Now Closed)

Bestwood WMC

Bestwood WMC was further down Thanet Street. Once a thriving local club that had people queuing down the road to get in to see the acts and play the Bingo.

Bestwood WMC Clay Cross (Now Closed)

Danesmoor Pubs

The Greyhound, Danesmoor

The Greyhound Danesmoor (Now Closed)

The Parkhouse Hotel

The Parhouse Hotel Danesmoor

Clay Cross Miners Welfare

The Royal Oak (Clay Lane)

The Royal Oak (Now Closed)

The Buck Inn (Holmgate)

The Buck Holmgate

The Woodthorpe Inn (Holmgate)

The Buck Hotel Clay Cross

The Buck Hotel was on the crossroads the corner of Thanet Street across fro the George & Dragon it closed in 1956.

Dusty Miller

The Dusty Miller stood across from the King Head, Canon,Charlies Bar. The pub closed in 1910 but the building was then turned into a shop and demolished in the late 60s standing on the land is Ryknald Court built in 1971

List Of Public Houses In Clay Cross

Bestwood WMC
The Queens Head
The Prince of Wales
The Canon/The Kings Head
The Shoulder of Mutton
The Angel (Demolished around 1969)
The Royal Oak Clay Lane
The George And Dragon
The Crown (Demolished ????)
The Elm Tree
The Red Lion
The Victoria Hotel
The Snooker Centre/The Top Spot
The Gardeners
The Old English/The Furnace
The Social Centre
The Last Orders/The New Inn
The Nags Head
The Three Horse Shoes/3Bar
The Royal Volunteer
There was a Pub in the Leisure Centre
Coronation Working Men’s Club
Egstow WM Club/Rykneld Turnpike
Clay Cross & Danesmoor Miners Welfare
The Park House Hotel DANESMOOR
The Greyhound DANESMOOR
The Buck Holmgate
The Buck Hotel Clay Cross Closed 1956
The Woodthorpe Holmgate
Batemans Mill Holmgate
The Woodthorp Inn
The Star (Demolished 1960s)
Dusty Miller Thanet Street 1910
Black Horse Eyre Street Close 1907
The Six Halts
Thanks to John Hirst

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