Most of the people from Clay Cross alive today went the School on Market Street.

The school was built in Victorian times around 1894 and served the town of Clay Cross until 2009 when a new school (Sharley Park School) was built on the football pitches on the welfare at Danesmoor, opposite what was Danasmoor Infants School.

Since 2009 part of the School has been demolished along with the Clay Cross Infants School to make was for Smithy Brook, a retirement complex for the elderly. Part of the School still remains but without any upkeep it’s been left to go into ruins.

 In April 2016

Derbyshire County Council applied for planning permission to demolish the old victorian building however this was not allowed. So the building still stands in a sorry state (2021)

Other parts of the old school buildings still stand and remain to be used as Clay Cross Education Centre

Smithy Brook in standing it what was the school playgrounds

Pictures Taken 3rd May 2016