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Hi, My daughter has to do a piece of homework on our local war memorial. she has to provide interesting facts about it. As we live in clay cross she wanted to do this about the one at St Barts church but is struggling to find anything other than pictures. Are you able to help? Thanks in advance.




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I've been searching the Internet for answers can you tell me is there any truth in the rumour that Aldi is no longer investing in Clay Cross if this is true what is their reason.
I believe the work on the store stopped prematurely because of the mobile phone antenna situated on the building that needs to be demolished. Planning permission wasn’t granted for the relocation of the antenna.
All we can do is wait and see what the future bring
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Can you please tell me anything about the piper and bugler who were at Clay Cross Cenatph today approx 3pm? My uncle Frank Muldoon who served in the Seaforth Highlanders and whose name appears on the Remembrance Plate by the side of the Cenotaph is to my knowledge the only soldier in Clay Cross who served in the Highlanders and was killed in the Battle of the Sangro River,Italy 1943.unfortunately I am the only member of our family who has had the privelidge of visiting his grave overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

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I’m sorry but I have no information on the piper. Please join our Face book group, Clay Cross New and Old Pictures. Ask the question to the members.

I have sent you the information I have of your uncle hope you find this of interest. I’m trying to find all the lost soldiers of Clay Cross.

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My parents lived in Derbyshire in the 90\'s for several years and I visited frequently. During that time I would often drive through Clay Cross and occasionally shop there.


Haven\'t visited for well over a decade, but last year I passed through Clay Cross to see my old haunts. I was shocked by its condition. Even in the early nineties when it was in a bit of a decline, it still was a busy little place with a market and many people shopping at Kwik Save and shops.


Now the condition of many of the shops is very poor indeed and it is looking like some run down inner city. What happened? How has it been allowed to get into this state! Hope that things improve, but by the look of it the town needs more employment not just a new supermarket.


Well done for making this website. The town needs more people like you to get it back on its feet again.


Thank you for taking to time to look at my site, Clay Cross Today I hope you find it of interest.


Unfortunately, Clay Cross has declined with the loss of industry, Clay Cross works the largest. It has also suffered like other areas with loss of the mines.


Most of the shops in the town are now takeaways, shame to say. The Tesco store has brought in people and created jobs but has just moved the town out of town. However, in my personal opinion I think things are getting slightly better.


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I have recently moved to Clay Cross and am finding a huge amount of broken brick in the garden, in every fork full! I would like to know where the brickworks was sited - I think I might be sitting on top of it. I'm hoping to find a brick one day with 'Clay Cross' stamped onto it.

Thank you for the interesting website,

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From the best of my Knowledge the Clay Cross brickworks were situated on the Clay Cross Works site at the bottom of Furnace Hill, Bridge Street near PCS.


I don’t think you live on the site because it’s now all scrub land.


If I’m wrong and you find lots of Clay Cross Bricks please let me know.



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