Clay Cross Hippodrome

The Hippodrome Cinema Clay Cross was located on Broadleys across from the YMCA opposite side of the road to what was the Palace Theatre also a cinema, later a Billiard Hall run by Edgar Slater.

Clay Cross Hippordrome

The Hippordrome on the left and the Palace on the right with the YMCA in front

Standing on the land today are bungalows built in 2002 and before that was Kennings Garage.


The Hippodrome (known as the HIP) was opened in 1928 and was run by John Minney the father of William,Bill Minney who in more recent times had Minney's DIY Centre on Broadleys.

The Old Palece Theatre

Kennings Garage

Wholey Place Bungalows now stants here

Inside View of the Hippordromefrom the Derbyshire Times 1939

The Hip had a 50ft Stage and 8 dressing rooms. In its day it was a must go to venue showing a variety of pictures, pictures for the kids on a Saturday mornings and all the recent newsreels.


The Hip burnt down to the ground in 1940 at the start of World War II

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