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Clay Cross flu jab.

Queuing down the road today to get a flu vaccination.

Holmgate Road

Holmgate Road just down from Dentist

Soon be walking on road the hedge needs cutting and the pavement is getting thinner with Ivy growth.

Christmas Lights In Clay Cross

Had to take a few pictures of the lights.

Clay Cross Christmas Tree

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If you can write anything about Clay Cross please put it down and send it so we can share it with everyone. I’d love to hear about your memories etc.

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The Tubs On High Street (Gone)

The old mining Tubs on High Street across from the Church have been removed. Over the past few years, they had rotted away. Let’s hope they going to be replaced soon.

Tubs Clay cross

Please let me Know if and when they returned! Contact Clay Cross Today

Digital art show for Clay Cross

Clay Cross is going to see a digital art show as part of the regeneration projects.

Work has started on the Clay Cross Tunnel ventilation shaft on Market Street. The shaft in the centre of the town is being restored and transformed into local focal point.


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Costa drive through and large retail store for Clay Cross

Costa Coffee and Home Bargains for Clay Cross. Both are next to McDonald’s across from the Snooker Centre. Coasta coffee opened for the first time on the 26th November 2020. Home Bargains is due to open in February 2021

If you have any info please post it below.

Site Christmas Decorations

Site Christmas decorations going up on the 1st December 2020

Site Still Under Construction

The site is still under construction. I set out to build the new site thinking it could be up and running in a few hour,how wrong I was.

Keep looking back im adding new content all the time.

Welcome to the new Clay Cross Today site

Thanks for looking please leave any comments on the site. If you have any things of interest please ask for a email address to send them to.

The site has been re-built and I will be adding all the time to the content. If you have any ideas please Contact Me

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